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    2018 - 07.03

    Over the last few weeks there has been an increasing presence of the National Party in both signage and media in the local area.
    Nanjing Night Net

    The majority of this has been negative, often personal and, at times, almost libel.

    When reading the sneering replies in NDL of federal member Mr Joyce to anyone who happens to disagree with him, I thought it was just a reaction of basic insecurity, snarling when threatened; but now it is obvious that nastiness is a National Party policy at both state and federal levels.

    Why have the Nationals chosen to run a campaign that is based so much on personally denigrating other candidates?

    I personally can never recall such poor general behaviour by this party.

    One wonders if “argument weak, shout loud” might be operating here?

    We all know that there is no such thing as a free lunch … so if all this National Party money is being spent here, what will Kevin Anderson “owe” the party if elected?

    What will happen to the interests of Tamworth when that clashes with the party line?

    If the National Party and their candidate have done such a wonderful job, why can’t they run a positive campaign?

    This unpleasantness will change the perception of the Nationals from being, at worst, somewhat neutral, to searing themselves into people’s minds as the Nasty, Noxious Nationals.

    D Wasson


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