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  • Drug user became dealer to repay $27k debt

    2018 - 07.03

    Inmid 2013, Timothy John Spyridakos liked to drink, gamble and take drugs – lots of drugs.
    Nanjing Night Net

    Cocaine was his poison of choice, and he had a healthy appetite; so much so that it wasn’t long before Spyridakos owed some rather nasty people a fair lump of money – $27,000 to be precise.

    A qualified but unemployed carpenter, Spyridakos was in no position to pay it back.

    Then came the threats.

    “I was told if I didn’t pay the money I was going to be kidnapped, then they’d go talk to my parents about paying the debt for me,” Spyridakos said.

    “I was threatened twice by the same person.”

    In an act of desperation, the 27-year-old turned from drug user to drug dealer, hoping to raise enough cash to pay off his debts and continue to support his daily habit.

    He sourced his “product” from the very man he was trying to pay back, and began selling as much as he could.

    However, his escapade was short lived – police were on to him in August and he was arrested in mid-September 2013, after detectives overheard his drug negotiations via phone taps.

    Officers raided his Kanahooka home on September 13, discovering cocaine, methorphan, MDMA and the prescription painkiller Celecoxib, as well as drug paraphernalia, including a pill press, hidden in the garage.

    Spyridakos was charged with a host of offences and held in custody for four days until released on bail.

    He eventually pleaded guilty to two counts of drug trafficking and one count of possessing drug manufacturing equipment in exchange for the Crown dropping the remaining charges.

    Spyridakos received a two-year suspended prison sentence on Wednesday, after District Court judge Paul Conlon accepted that one of his main motivations for committing the crimes had been fear, owing to the threats made against him.

    During the proceedings, Spyridakos said his downward spiral into drugs came about after the break-up of a four-year relationship, and was ingesting an average of 14 grams a week at one stage.

    Spyridakos told the court he had paid about $9000 towards the drug debt, leaving another $18,000 still owing.

    He said he intended to keep paying it, as he feared for the safety of himself and his family if he didn’t.

    Meantime, the court heard Spyridakos had cleaned up his act since his arrest and was no longer taking drugs.

    He said he was working daily at a Wollongong cafe, owned by his mother, and had resumed going to the gym and playing football.

    In agreeing to suspend the prison term, Judge Conlon found Spyridakos was remorseful for what he’d done, had taken responsibility for getting his life on track and had good prospects of rehabilitation.

    This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

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