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  • Cr Murray’s TV ad is deeply offensive

    2018 - 10.21

    AFTER viewing a recent local television advertisement which portrays the mayor of Tamworth, with council building in the background, coming out in public support of a particular candidate in the upcoming election, I am deeply offended that even our local representatives are willing to try to exert influence over our voting decisions.
    Nanjing Night Net

    Is this ad telling us that we, as the good taxpayers of Tamworth, should follow the council’s public endorsement of a certain candidate, as this is in the best interests of the Tamworth community? Is this ad telling us that this is the preferred person/party with whom the Tamworth council wishes to work after Saturday’s election?

    Does this therefore imply that if said candidate doesn’t win this Saturday, therefore having to step down as the local member, that our local council, which publicly supports said candidate, should also then step down, allowing a new council that is willing to work with whomever is elected to come into being to represent the people of Tamworth? Hmm, questions, questions. What a joke our democratic system has become in this country, when at every opportunity and from every angle we are told what to believe by those who hold the power.

    Do they honestly believe we are all that dumb that we can’t see what they are really up to? As individuals, we need to stop accepting blindly the propaganda that those in positions of power want us to believe and to see what they are spouting for what it really is.

    Jayne O’Hara


    This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

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