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    2018 - 07.03

    IF YOU intend to vote for the independent Peter Draper, you must remember you are supporting a person who acts as an individual and earns his respect upon his actions and merits.
    Nanjing Night Net

    He is a brave man tackling the unlimited resources of the Nats and the Liberal party.

    He considers there are a few moral and ethical issues involved in these parties’ direction, thus he has put his gloves back on.

    You cannot help but notice the sudden big money spent by the Nationals on over-the-top-to-saturation advertising on television.

    It now seems they are buying themselves out of a problem they got themselves into – and a very real threat of the loss of this seat.

    When it comes to Mr Anderson, you are being reminded you are sharing in a $13 billion infrastructure project,$1 billion per annum for roads in over a 12-month period plus another $1 billion in hospitals, but not costed … is 2000 nurses, teachers and police. Now, Kev made this promise to you live on television.

    So it’s true, they have the money in the bank. No mention of the poles and wires sale.

    He is taking full credit for projects that were not his to start with: Chaffey, hospital and Manilla Rd.

    He performed his duties as the member. That’s what he gets paid for.

    There is great unrest within this region at present and Kevvy’s unfortunately in the boat with a blue swimmer and he is barefooted.

    The Labor Party is as handy as an ashtray on a motorbike as usual in this neck of the woods.

    But (it) could be lethal to the Nats, along with the Greens in preferences.

    One problem for the Nats could be some voters may opt for other channels as a form of protest vote and, combined with others, could lead to some saturation advertising in very big dollars that no one else can match. All goes in.

    And of course, the upper house. Now here, we have 15 takers and nine are northerners – does that say something?

    The connection between the Libs and Nats is that in the upper house they run on a combined ticket. Your Nationals are Country Liberal.

    It’s written on your senate ticket for you to see.

    So Trevor Khan and Hollie Hughes are Liberals on National tickets.

    They sneak through the back door.

    All in all, I predict a win for Baird with a reduced majority.

    There may be the instance whereby the independents, who are so useless to them at present, may have to become their best friends.

    Tamworth is not owned by the Nationals and trying to pull the wool over Tamworth does not work.

    This election has booby traps in it everywhere.

    Allan Lisle


    This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

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