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  • Bishop refuses to comment on treatment of Nash family

    2018 - 07.03

    Bishop Bill Wright.BISHOP Bill Wright has declined to comment about how the Nash family was treated by diocese representatives after the death of Andrew Nash in October 1974, or whether a formal complaint about that treatment is being investigated.
    Nanjing Night Net

    The bishop said he did not have Mrs Nash in mind when he referred to ‘‘the usual suspects’’ in a diocese magazine article in February, where he criticised the Newcastle Herald.

    ‘‘I intended it [use of the phrase ‘the usual suspects’] as an allusion to the practice of ‘rounding up the usual suspects’ to comment on an issue, a journalistic practice,’’ Bishop Wright said.

    ‘‘I certainly did not mean to imply that there was anything ‘suspect’ about anyone mentioned explicitly or implicitly in my article. I would now write, ‘The people from whom the Herald regularly seeks comment’.

    ‘‘I regret that the focus on the word ‘suspects’ has tended to deflect attention from the point I was actually making about how stories related to the church were likely to be covered by the Herald, based on my previous experience.’’

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