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    Hinge, a ‘Classier Tinder’ launches in Sydney

    2019 - 02.21

    Dating app Hinge has come to Sydney. Photo: SuppliedMiranda Kerr’s reportedly using it, and now the most well-heeled dating app on the market is launching in Sydney.

    Hinge, which is being marketed as a “classier Tinder”, looks just like any other dating app. But, unlike on most dating apps, where users can be matched with total strangers, Hinge users can only be matched with friends of friends.

    “Tinder is about having immediate fun, but Hinge is about going on dates,” says Hinge CEO Justin McLeod.

    Despite its similarities to Tinder, Hinge was actually conceived well before Tinder was launched in 2012.

    McLeod says he first had the idea when he graduated business school in 2011 and accepted a job in management consulting, a career he knew would involve a lot of travel.

    “I wanted to meet new people, but I didn’t want to join match苏州美甲美睫培训学校,” he says. “The idea of using Facebook to create a dating profile seemed easier to me than filling out a long survey on a dating website.”

    After launching Hinge in 2013, McLeod says the app’s group of users grew “organically” from his circle of friends.

    “The app naturally spreads among our most well-connected, internationally-minded users,” McLeod says, adding that most Hinge users are “young professionals between the ages of 23 and 36 who work in finance, fashion, tech and consulting”.

    Hinge uses a person’s Facebook data to display their workplace, education, height and hobbies, as well as their 25 most recent profile pictures. Users are only shown the profiles of users they have a mutual friend with.

    Not only does Hinge give its users more information about their potential matches than Tinder, it also has the ability to remember which kinds of people you like, and which kinds you don’t.

    “The app will figure out if you keep matching with people over a certain height, or if you like lawyers,” McLeod says.

    Hinge claims to create 35,000 dates each week, with 1,500 of those dates leading to a relationship.

    In the weeks leading up to today’s launch, over 1,000 Sydneysiders have pre-registered for the app, which is already live in London, Toronto and Mumbai, as well as 34 US cities.

    However, if you live in Sydney’s outer suburbs, don’t get too excited.

    In an oddly elitist inclusion, the Sydney version of the app also only creates matches between people who live, as McLeod describes, “40 kilometres from the beach”.

    The result? Sydneysiders living west of Horsley Park are barred from access.

    The dating app market is increasingly becoming a crowded one. In addition to the Sydney launch of Hinge, this week also saw Tinder co-founder Whitney Wolfe launch Bumble, a feminist spin on the genre where women have to message their matches first.

    “I think [the market] will consolidate, but it will consolidate into a few apps,” McLeod says, comparing the future to the online dating market, where a few very large websites, such as match苏州美甲美睫培训学校 and eharmony, operate.

    If its success overseas is anything to go by, it looks like this “classier Tinder” might be one of those few.

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    Kraft a menu at the Buffett buffet with Warren’s latest deal

    2019 - 02.21

    A marriage made in heaven for junk foodies: Kraft and Heinz are merging to form the world’s fifth-largest food and beverage company. Photo: Brendan McDermidWarren Buffett’s taste for junk food – namely Cherry Cokes and ice cream – is well known. And the billionaire has long used his company Berkshire Hathaway to make business bets on the sorts of indulgences people can’t resist, from See’s Candies to Dairy Queen treats. His latest deal, the merger of Kraft Foods and H.J. Heinz, adds some intriguing possibilities to a day spent eating an all-Berkshire diet.

    BREAKFAST: Buffett, 84, has said he prefers Coca-Cola soft-drinks, but Kraft’s Maxwell House coffee offers the caffeine without the calories. Fry up some Oscar Mayer bacon, and add in Ore-Ida tater tots (from Heinz) to round out the meal. If that’s not enough, grab a doughnut – from Tim Hortons, of course – on the way into work. Calories: About 650.

    LUNCH: Head out of the office. Sitting all day is bad for you, after all. Burger King’s brand-new Canadian tax domicile aside, Chicken Fries are back on the menu at the fast-food chain. Add a classic Whopper, or maybe an Oreo shake, or a Dairy Queen Blizzard might be another option. To drink? Coke. Always Coke. Stuck at work? Grab a Lunchables. Calories: About 1510.

    PICK ME UP: It’s midday and you’re a little tired, so a Monster Energy drink might do the trick. Breath unfresh after lunch? Grab some Wm. Wrigley Jr. gum, where Buffett owns a minority stake. Calories: About 200.

    WORK OUT: Health is about exercise, too. So lace up those Brooks Sports sneakers, throw on some Russell Athletic sweats and jog. Buffett’s longtime partner Charles Munger, 91, probably won’t be joining. “I eat whatever I want to eat,” he said at the annual meeting of his Daily Journal Wednesday, when asked about his morning rituals. “I’ve never done any exercise I didn’t want to do.” “All these people who think they’re going to get ahead by jogging, more power to them.”

    HYDRATE: After that solo run, squirt some of Kraft’s MiO flavoring into a Dasani water. Or some people might prefer an adult beverage. The McLane business that Berkshire bought from Wal-Mart Stores in 2003 distributes booze. Or turn to his friends at 3G Capital for a six pack of Budweiser, Stella Artois or Corona. Calories: About 145 for a Bud.

    DINNER: Kraft’s iconic Mac & Cheese, what else? Maybe with some Oscar Mayer sausage. Some like to top their pasta with Heinz ketchup, though it’s a more traditional addition to Ore-Ida Country Style French Fries. Jell-O for dessert? Or something sweet from one of Buffett’s oldest brands, See’s Candies? The meal may seem light on greens, but Buffett’s daughter Susie once said the vegetables in her father’s diet include French fries, hash browns and corn on the cob. Calories: About 920.

    The Heinz-Kraft diet may not pass muster with nutritionists. The best way to eat healthy on the companies’ products? “Not eat too much of them,” said Marion Nestle, the Paulette Goddard Professor in the Department of Nutrition, Food Studies and Public Health at New York University.

    STOMACH UPSET: If the menu makes you ill, Buffett’s got the cure. Berkshire still owns a small piece of Johnson & Johnson, which makes Pepcid for heartburn, and Imodium for diarrhea.


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    Dante’s peak still a long way away: Still way too early to grade Utah Jazz rookie Exum

    2019 - 02.21

    Long way to go: Dante Exum. Photo: Jeffrey ChanFollow Hoops Heaven on Twitter

    Dante Exum is in a slump as his arduous rookie NBA season enters its final few weeks.

    He’s endured a three-game scoreless run recently and had a difficult match earlier this week in Utah’s upset loss to strugglers Minnesota with only four points after picking up a couple of fouls inside the first minute.

    The true test of whether the young Australian guard is set for a lengthy career in the big time will be 12 months from now.

    This is technically his rookie season but he shouldn’t be judged in comparison with this draft class.

    Coming into this season with not even the minimum one year of college that his counterparts enjoyed, a true gauge of his potential will be revealed next season when he’s no longer the baby of the league.

    If you view Exum’s opening season at the Jazz purely on statistics then it’s been a modest first foray into the NBA.

    He’s averaged some very average returns of 4.7 points, 2 .3 assists and 1.7 rebounds from his 70 outings.

    But he’s basically the NBA’s equivalent of a development player in an NBL squad sans very few of them average 21.4 minutes per game or get thrown into the starting lineup, which has been happening regularly recently for Exum in Salt Lake City.

    Charles Barkley is a self-described “dumb ass” but his basketball IQ is in the Ivy League. He’s firmly of the opinion that elite players don’t start learning the game until they get into the NBA.

    Professor Barkley’s hypothesis is players bound for the NBA don’t get challenged in high school or taken out of their comfort zone if they go to college because they’re invariably a lot better than their opponents.

    Nobody would fit this bill better than Exum who has gone from dominating skinny high school boys in Canberra to matching up against muscle-bound behemoths in the planet’s toughest test of basketball skill.

    Fortunately for Exum, the pressure to perform has not been as suffocating as it could have been.

    He was tipped to go as high as the top three in last year’s draft. Sliding down to the fifth pick and landing in a small market in Utah has been an advantage. The Jazz were not predicted to do well this season and their better than expected performance has meant less pressure on Exum to be the franchise saviour.

    Also, the much-hyped class of 2014 has had few immediate success stories – apart from top selection Andrew Wiggins in Minneapolis – so Exum is not looking vastly inferior to his peers.

    Milwaukee’s No.2 pick Jabari Parker and Orlando’s No.4 choice Aaron Gordon have had their seasons ruined by injury while a broken leg meant Lakers forward Julius Randle (No.7 overall) did not make it past his opening game and Philadelphia’s No.3 Joel Embiid still hasn’t been sighted on court because of foot concerns.

    The focus on Exum will intensify next season as the Jazz try to determine who they’ll keep long term from their young back-court assets which also includes Trey Burke, Alec Burks and Rodney Hood.

    They have gone down a similar path with their front court recently with Enes Kanter traded to Oklahoma City after he became surplus to requirements following the development of Derrick Favors and unexpectedly rapid rise of Rudy Gobert.

    While his offensive game still needs plenty of polish, Exum has shown strong defensive instincts and an ability to absorb information during his steep learning curve. And he hasn’t missed a match – no mean feat for a slightly built teenager who will need to add bulk to his frame in the near future.

    Hopefully Exum will still have his Boomers buddy Joe Ingles looking out for him at the Jazz next season. The seasoned small forward has shown he belongs in elite company after years of being on the fringe of getting an NBA call-up.

    After being the final player added to the 15-man roster two days before the start of the season, Ingles has carved a niche at the Jazz playing back-up to frontman Gordon Hayward. Ingles dropped a career-high 18 points deputising for the injured Hayward in the starting line-up in the overtime loss to the Timberwolves.

    Another factor helping Exum in his NBA development is the patience shown in him by the franchise. The Jazz obviously didn’t expect the world from him straight away and knew he would not be lighting up arenas as he got his first taste of the NBA.

    Just like Milwaukee’s sophomore sensation Giannis Antetokounmpo this season, Exum will undoubtedly improve in 2015-16, capitalising on the massive head start he’s received in terms of experience compared to players of the same age who are currently playing college hoops.

    He bypassed tertiary education in favour of direct entry into the NBA but Exum’s accelerated on-the-job training has him well placed to get through his tough apprenticeship and set himself up for a long career.

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    Cate Blanchett loses her cool with interviewer on The Project

    2019 - 02.21

    Cate Blanchett was less than impressed with the interview. Photo: Channel Ten

    Cate Blanchett was less than impressed with the interview. Photo: Channel Ten

    Tough interview: Jonathan Hyla. Photo: Channel Ten

    Blanchett was trying to promote her new movie, Cinderella. Photo: Supplied

    Cate Blanchett was less than impressed with the interview. Photo: Channel Ten

    Cate Blanchett was less than impressed with the interview. Photo: Channel Ten

    Blanchett a scene-stealing stepmother

    Oscar-winning actress Cate Blanchett lost her cool during an interview on The Project on Wednesday night to promote her latest film.

    In an attempt at humour, Channel Ten reporter Jonathan Hyla asked Blanchett a bizarre series of questions, but she became visibly irritated at his interviewing style.

    At one stage, Hyla, referring to the Russian blue that Blanchett’s character keeps, cheekily asked: “How were you able to get that cat to do what you wanted [it] to do on a leash?

    “I tried to put my girlfriend’s cat on a leash and it just never works for me,” he added.

    It all became too much for Blanchett, who was trying to plug her Disney film Cinderella. 

    “That’s your question? That’s your f—ing question?” she shot back.

    Having already told Hyla they should “start over”, the exchange ended in a cringeworthy manner, with Blanchett clearly unhappy about Hyla’s hijacking of the interview.

    “One of us has got to do our job,” Blanchett said of his attempt to ask questions specifically about the movie.

    She went on to discuss the on-screen chemistry of Cinderella stars Lily James and Richard Madden, which she described as “amazing”.

    Earlier, before things got too awkward, Hyla tried to break the ice.

    “I was going to bring like a six pack of beer,” he said. “You seem like the type of person that we should just crack open a beer and just have a chat.”

    But Blanchett was not particularly impressed, bluntly replying: “This date is not going well, I do not drink beer.”

    With his back against the wall, Hyla asked what he could have brought to the interview to break the ice, to which Blanchett replied “a potato vodka” made in Devon.

    With awkwardness at an all-time high and trying to fathom what had just transpired, the 45-year-old actress offered a “nice to meet you” to Hyla, but one can’t help but feel her tone of voice was more sarcastic than anything else.

    The Project panel member Gretel Killeen thought the pair were simply “playing hard to get”.

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    Collette Dinnigan’s fashionable Watsons Bay buy

    2019 - 02.21

    Fashion designer Collette Dinnigan has bought the glamorous Watsons Bay home of James Packer’s sidekick Matthew “Ched” Csidei.

    The highly stylised home with eclectic finishes was bought for between $6.5 million and $7 million. It was previously a Masonic Temple.

    Dinnigan is currently a Paddington local and owns a double-fronted, 1880s-era sandstone home on Paddington Street. That property was bought for $4.45 million in 2009 from the Paspaley family.

    Csidei and his lawyer wife Lauren Roscoe listed the Watsons Bay pad last August with Will Manning, of Ballard, and James McCowan, of Sotheby’s, following the family’s move to Europe.

    Csidei is no slouch in the stylist stakes. Known as the ‘Minister of Fun’ because of his job looking after the toys of his casino billionaire old school friend, he undertook a stunning renovation of the 1925-era property with help from his architect mate Blainey North.

    Having bought it in 2005 for $2.7 million, it was gutted to create a functional family home with the dramatic five-metre high ceilings with columns, but with an eclectic mix of finishes, including parquetry floors from an 18th century chateaux in France’s Loire Valley, arched doorways, and a 20-metre lap pool.

    Neither agent would comment on the sale price of the prized residence, nor buyer details, but a source confirmed Dinnigan and her husband Bradley Cocks had purchased the property.

    Dinnigan scaled back her fashion design business in late 2013 to spend more time with her family, but Vogue revealed in February she is set to take a step back into the industry with the launch of a new collection of lingerie designs.

    The mother of Estella, 9, and Hunter, 2, sold her Palm Beach getaway last year in an off-market deal worth $3.25 million to actor Sophie Lee and her ad agency boss husband Anthony Freedman.

    In 2011, Dinnigan sold her former Paddington home for $7.3 million, having bought it in 2002 for $4.1 million from Deke and Eve Miskin.

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